About Us

Tcheugoue Djeuga Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organisation working on Education. We are present on a global scale. We are convinced that the way out of our current conditions starts when current and next generations, regardless of their geographic locations and origins, can access a great education. We encourage the development of abilities, inclusiveness, self-expression and academic excellence in schools and Universities.

To relentlessly push a giant heavy flywheel in one direction, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point of breakthrough and beyond.

Our Mission

For millennia, Education has been the main lever for human potential to find expression. We are living in a globally connected world. Technology has allowed to break physical barriers, render the World flat and give us the possibility to make a global impact. Our Mission revolves mainly around three focus points:

– Provide to more children and young people tools to educate themselves.

– Empower young people to empower themselves and transform their lives.

– Empower women and girls to regain the important place they have in our society.

We share recent developments, insights, and tools with schools and partners to assist on teaching and learning experiences. The Challenges we are facing are great opportunities to redefine and create who we are and who we want to be.

Children get their Right to School

Bring out what is naturally find in young people

Empower young people regardless of their geographic locations and origins

Our Vision

The foundation is committed to ensure that more and more young people have access to an education of quality. An education that help them express fully their potential, talents and abilities. An education that is value-based rather than only facts based. It is a process for children to develop abilities and skills rather than only memories. Critical thinking, Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility are essentials. Education accomplished in a way that focuses on Wisdom and Knowledge more simply than knowledge alone. Our vision of education is an education that reconcile Utility with Beauty, where usefulness and esthetic are of equal consideration and have the same level of importance.

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