How We Work

We are aiming at schools where we accompany children through the understanding of themselves and their environment. Children and young people therefore master their skills for today and tomorrow. The stakes are high. A narrow range of opportunities for young people results in dangerously lower life prospects for them and a worse quality of life for all of us.

We recognize our resources alone are just not enough. Improving people’s lives often happen at the local level, and can have a long-term impact when individuals take actions in their local communities. We share recent developments, insights, and tools with schools and partners to assist on teaching and learning experiences. By focusing on the common goal of improving education through sharing effective tools and strategies, we can make a global impact.

We provide educational material to schools and partners. We support students through grants to encourage academic excellence and self-expression.

In this endeavor, we encourage schools to reconnect their teachings with Nature. We encourage them to have outdoor classes and experiences where students connect what they have been taught with Nature. An example of this can be related to Mathematics classes of Geometry or Arithmetic.

We are surrounded by forms, meaning at the essence, geometries. Learning geometry based on the experience of students of their environments will give them much awareness about what they are surrounded by. Similar effort can be undertaken for arithmetic, how to relate 1+1=2 in our surroundings, what are the implications of this on everything we are surrounded by.

Technology has made a tremendous development during the last 50 years. We are the most comfortable generation that has ever lived in this planet in terms of physical comfort. We recognize that technology is an accelerator, not a creator of Momentum. We provide technology support to schools and partners.

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