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What We Do

We work with schools to create programs to encourage School participation. We aim to create an environment where we provide less answers to students, but more questions. We aim at creating a strong desire and hunger for Wisdom and Knowledge. The direct consequence of this is the development of critical thinking, an essential skill if they would be to succeed in Life. We aim at creating an environment where they will naturally want to learn and experience more and more, where they deeply understand that the reality of the existence is lived from within to outside.

Competition has dragged our society in places that are not very admirable. It has lead to an overgrowth of individuality. It is not suited in our schools. Teaching students, children about the uniqueness of each of them and the great benefit they can experience by pulling their effort together rather than racing for a nowhere land is part of our continuous efforts. We support ongoing efforts, Classroom materials and design programs that encourage students to work together and express their full abilities. Experiencing the output/results of blended efforts gives them access to news avenues of discoveries.

Academic excellence is of a major importance. Students should strive for a higher experience of their talents and abilities. This will produce school results that are far ahead of what we currently see in our schools. They have an unlimited potential and unlimited opportunities are available for them regardless of their geographic locations and origins.

Secondary schools and Universities are more than often the period of drop-out. More than often, those with less financial abilities struggle to complete their high school or university cause of financial issues. This lead them on a down path where they have less access to a vast area of opportunities.

We therefore collaborate with schools to support financially as much as our resources can, those students to allow them to complete their secondary or university, thus opening for them, a broad range of possibilities and opportunities. We increase retention rates in schools and universities to ensure younger generations have more chances of Success.

Teachers are a key component of Education, they wish the best for their students. However, they often lack the support they need to be successful on their teaching. We also support teachers by providing academic materials and development opportunities that help them to be successful on their teaching.

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