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Where We Work


We invest our efforts throughout Africa to improve Education. We work with Schools, Institutions, Universities and local organisations to promote Education. We collaborate with local volunteers who oversees our initiatives in those countries.


The foundation’s Vancouver office leads our global presence and efforts around different continents. It serves as a base for programs that will be implemented globally. There are big steps certainly, but hardly one single-step transformation. It’s a gradual process. It’s evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary, building success upon success, accumulating momentum, turn by turn of the flywheel until buildup transformed into breakthrough.


Our presence in China supports China’s expending role as a major player in a global scale. We work with volunteers, schools and institutions to promote our vision of Education. It’s technology leadership gives us a great hedge for supplying technology materials in less favored areas.


The foundation’s work in India, as in other locations revolves mainly around Education. On-site people are working with us to promote programs related only to Education for the time being. India is also another great technology pole that gives us some flexibility in terms of sourcing academic and technology materials.

Latin America

The efforts invested by the Foundation in South-America promote our vision of Education locally.  Every people, our staff, partners, volunteer and grantees are critical in achieving the vision where every person can live a meaningful life. This should happen on an individual level.

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