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Graduation time is a very exciting moment for most students. It is the time where all their hard work, dedication, perseverance, discipline pay off and offer them a precious Career and Life. However, as many of them noticed, the path after school is not always straight, quite the contrary. For some, the transition will be quite smooth, for the majority of them, it will be a series of up-and-down. They quickly notice something was missing on their background, something they haven’t been taught or that they haven’t learn. This brought us to the conclusion that something more needed to be taught, to be learn, from the early childhood. Something more important than a specific field, something that transcend all curriculum and is needed by young people to be able to embrace Life.

Something that, if taught from the early childhood, can make and will make a tremendous difference on the life of an entire generation. That’s how the idea of the foundation was born. That’s what we’re aiming to work at, to put efforts on, knowing that, as in everything, we cannot control the results, but only the efforts we dedicate on this endeavor. Children are born with infinite potential. The process of Education should therefore focus more on bringing out that potential, these abilities, naturally. Less emphasis should therefore be put on “putting things in their head”. To bring these elements out in their experience, to bring out what is naturally found in them, allowing each and every one of them to go at its own pace. This will benefit impressively our society with a major impact on all fields.

The environment where we are living in is One. The separation we’ve created between Utility and esthetic doesn’t exist in reality. Having one more important than the other doesn’t allow the children and young people to see Nature in its grandiosity. Both are needed at the same level of importance, should we want to raise children to their full capabilities.

As part of this, the usefulness, utility of every element should be associated with the beauty and esthetic of it. One way of achieving this is to raise both utility and esthetic at the same level, give them the same importance in our Education curriculum. This means, for example, giving Mathematics and Arts the same level of importance in our curriculum.

Similar as books, other academic materials are used to support the teaching and learning process. These include elements like technology tools, computers, Internet, boards, etc. These academic materials are of a grand importance as it facilitates the learning and teaching process, connect students on a global scale.

In this process, Books constitute a key element in learning and experiencing. Throughout years, accumulated knowledge has been recorded in books. These can be used as an effective tool, but of course could not replace the personal experience and observation of each individual.

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